tatami landscape




Fuchu Art Museum, Tokyo, 2002.

In the manner of the Japanese landscape gardens of the Muromachi era, where restraint was programmatic and suggestion was preferred to explicit statement, a construction of landscape will be produced, which impetus is unambiguously the gesture, the suggestion of nature.

10 mats of artificial lawn - the lawn seen as an icon for the link between nature and cultivated land, a kind of idealization of landscape - in the measure of the common size 180 cm x 90 cm, which is used for the Japanese Tatami mats, will be placed on an expanse of white pebbles in a certain grouping. These construction of landscape, regarding to the tradition of the Japanese landscape gardens of the Muromachi era, is not an unalterable, from the aura of the artists hands ennobled installation. Because the visitors of the exhibition are required to change the "Tatami Landscape" transfering the lawn mats as they want and to practise raking the pebbles.

Through it the project should be constantly in a kind of procedural transformation.
Furthermore are the visitors of the exhibition invited, to take a seat at the mats of artificial lawn, to be part of the landscape by itself, to make themselves comfortabel by having a cup of tea.



2012 Toni Kleinlercher