TAK - a - lite palimpsestation installée




A concert and installation project by Clemens Gadenstätter and Toni Kleinlercher

for the festival Hörgänge in the "Neuer Saal" of the Vienna Concert Hall

on 15 March 2001, in cooperation with ORF Kunstradio.



Toni Kleinlercher's installation decodes and recodes the concert, consisting of three pieces by Clemens Gadenstätter, in which decoding and recoding (the title of a further project by Toni Kleinlercher) are constantly present, as the main aesthetical and technical procedures. With the aid of live recordings of the audience and hall, and the simultaneous projection of the same onto screens in the middle of the room, events which are normally perceived as disturbances or even ignored as irrelevant occurrances, become the central theme. These events become the center of a visual process, they recode the existing framework of the concert, turning it into a multidimensional installation. The most important aspect is that of the altered framework. The audience is observed by cameras and then observes itself. The aspect of observation causes other priorities in perception to emerge, it facilitates a completely different experience, something which a concert could also be. The audience becomes part of the coding process, which is the theme of the evening.
A further coding aspect deals with the acoustic reactions of the audience, from applause to conversations during the intervall, to the most inavoidable disturbing noises, like programmes falling on the floor, the screeching of chairs etc. These noises are recorded by microphones placed throughout the room, in order to reproject them, as important acoustic events. In addition to this, there will also be interventions at the stairway and in the foyer. Turf will be rolled out at the end of the stairway, fitted with small microphones, continuing the coding idea visually. The stairway area is apparently redefined as nature, by artificial use of natural material. The interior is disguised with the aid of an exterior element and thus, paradoxically turned inside out. The exaggerated artificiality is, in the end, the extreme new definition of existence.

Clemens Gadenstätter:
ballad 1 for voice and piano, string trio 2 (friction), akkor(d/t)anz for piano

Anna Maria Pammer (soprano), Florian Ernst Müller (piano), string trio of the Klangforum Wien

Toni Kleinlercher








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