reflected in an unmarked space



Mumok,Vienna, 2002.

24h - Multi-Media-Event

Reflected in an unmarked space is the most ambitious project so far of my attempts at "dissolution through sameness in emptiness", which together with the attempts at "procedural transformations of landscape" is the main area of my artistic activity. While any overlapping between the two investigative complexes is unintentional, it is not deliberately avoided. In the project reflected in an unmarked space, for instance, the theme of landscape in the broadest sense is already present in the title. An unmarked space,a spatial dimension, combined with reflected, a time value, time and space cancel each other out, as though one were falling into a hole, these mirror sittings are not self-reflection, but rather an immersion into a landscape that lies behind the mirror, one's image is not reproduced but rather swallowed, dissolved in an emptiness that first makes the setting into motion of the reality-copy-machine possible.




>>> movie sample [wmv] >>> 48,0 MB, 00:13:00

reflected in an unmarked space (limited edition/100, edition splitter vienna): including 1 DVD + 1 CATALOGUE placed in a FILM CAN with a SCREENPRINT on it, serially numbered and signed by the artist.




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