Galerie Medienkunst Innsbruck, The Tyrol, 1992.

This work began in 1984 with the spraying of poetry on rock faces in the Tyrolean alps, thus opening new doors for graffiti art by transferring it from densely populated urban areas to the god-forsaken realm of the mountains.

From the very beginning this work was progressive art. Exactly 386 days after completing the last verse – it was the day when Andy Warhol died, in the autumn of 1986, I embarked upon the second phase of work.
I gradually painted stripes over all the lyrics, using weather-proof paint. These yellow stripes, which are between 1,5m and 4m in size, almost mask the sprayed lyrics. At the end of 1992, "Land Markings" reached its last phase. I reformulated the words, which had been sprayed on the rocks in 1984, as far as possible. I undertook to adapt them with the help of my computer. The result: 36 visual poems.




© 2012 Toni Kleinlercher