Biennale Intart, Kärnten-Slowenien-Friaul, 1993

The beginning of MOUNTAINWORKS, the first marked rock is situated below the Kirchspitze near Gerlos in the Tyrol. This boulder of huge dimensions (6,5m x 13m x 6,5m) is once again recognised as the stone which set the ball rolling and is in need of artistic attentions. Identified with the stone of Sisyphos, it will be transformed into a block of concrete. The stone, as a part of a childhood memory, will be placed under complete protection, which will hold back the process of erosion. After concrete is poured over the stone, forming a cube, nature takes on its sublime face, in the form of the metamorphosized stone on this site. Thus, the dialectic of natural and artistic becoming a theme in the high areas of the mountains.




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