berge brauchen keine menschen



Schöne Aussicht, group exhibition, Kunsthaus Meran, 2002.

Broadcasted by the Austrian shoe company HUMANIC as a TV advert from August to December 1994.

Contribution to the event wörter brauchen keine seiten hold from Literatur + Medien, Vienna 1993/94.

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Acoustic intervention in an artificial mountain range:

The Finnish choir Mieskuoro Huutajat chants in front of a virtual mountain backdrop, shouting the assertation "berge brauchen keine menschen".

By means of this deliberately minimalistic stage set design, attention should be drawn to the historical results of the ruling media, which equaly influenced the development of other technical faculties and finally brought about a corresponding change to the human way of thinking. As a result, we have forgotten the illiterate way of thinking, therefore understanding the gift of preliterary wordart.

Poetry without writing has survived in a shamanistic way especially in the Finnish race until the present.

With the monotonous chant "berge brauchen keine menschen", the shamanistic element of poetry without writing should be remembered.








































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